Why buy a ZY Coin Counter & sorter?

Coin counter & sorter overview

A coin sorter has become essential for businesses that handle cash. A coin sorter significantly reduces costs, eliminates human error and saves time. Most businesses count their takings at the end of a long day and often want the task to be done as quickly as possible. Mistakes are often made and if cash registers do not balance it can be a very frustrating and lengthy process.

A typical coin sorter counts the total value of your coins and reports the total quantity counter per denomination. Different coin sorters cater for different customer requirements. To see an overview of our ZZap coin sorter products, check out our coin sorter product range. Click on the green bar at the top of the overview page to view the technical specifications for each coin sorter. A ZZap coin sorter operates off mains electricity often been referred to as a motorised coin sorter or electronic coin sorter.

A coin sorter is widely used in retail, charities, school, transport firms, restaurants, amusement arcades etc. They are a great way to increase cash handling efficiency in order to save time and money. Some of the advantages of a ZZap coin sorter are listed below.

Fast & efficient

A ZZap coin sorter is the perfect way to save time and money. ZZap coin sorters can count up to £2,300 in just 30 seconds. That's 20x faster than manually counting & sorting and 19x faster than manually counting.

Different specifications of coin sorter can count at high or low counting speeds to suit different requirements. As a rule of thumb, the higher your coinage volume the higher specification coin sorter you will require. See our coin sorter range to view which machine meets your requirements. If you require a high-speed coin sorter the ZZap CS60 may be a suitable model. However if you would like a budget coin sorter the CS10 or CS20 may be for you.

CS40 Coin Counter & sorter

Batch counting

A coin sorter, also referred to as a coin counter automatically batch counts your coins so they are ready for bagging & banking. Simply enter a batch quantity for each denomination and the coin counter will automatically stop when it has counted a batch. You empty the applicable coin tray into a bank bag and then resume counting.

Rejects counterfeit / foreign / damaged coins

CS70 Coin Counter & sorter

The ZZap CS70 coin counter is one of the few coin counters that has a rejection function. The CS70 is able to reject counterfeit/foreign/damaged coins into a rejection tray. This enables your counting result to be up to 100% accurate and means your takings do not include defective coins.

Counts all denominations

A ZZap coin sorter machine counts and sorts all denominations as well as most newly issued coins. So no matter what coin sorter machine you choose in our coin sorter machine product range, you can be sure it won't miss out any of your takings from the first count to the last.

Plentiful hopper capacity

CS60 Coin Counter & sorter

A ZZap coin sorter machine is specifically designed to hold the maximum number of coins for its size so you don't need to keep refilling the hopper. A higher specification coin sorter machine has a larger hopper capacity in order to handle higher coinage volumes. Why not check out our coin sorter machine product range to see what model suits your requirements.

Robust & reliable

CS60 Coin Counter & sorter with cover open

ZZap machines are designed with reliability in mind. Each cash counting machine uses commercial grade components that are built to last. That's why we offer a market leading 18-month warranty. We also offer extended warranties on request. Why not check out our cash counting machine warranty.