How does a ZY Coin Counter & sorter work?

Types of cash counting machine

A coin sorter has become essential for businesses that handle cash. A coin sorter significantly reduces costs, eliminates human error and saves time. Most businesses count their takings at the end of a long day and often want the task to be done as quickly as possible. Mistakes are often made and if cash registers do not balance it can be a very frustrating and lengthy process.

It is worth noting machines that handle coins are abbreviated as cash counting machines, coin sorters, coin counters or coin sorters and counters and they are used interchangeably. However cash counting machines are not all created equal. There are 3 types of cash counting machine.

  • Coin sorting machine (and electronic coin sorter):
    CS10 Coin SorterA coin sorting machine is relatively inexpensive and simply sorts your coins. A manual tray sorter needs to be 'shaken' to sort the coins while an electronic coin sorter operates on electricity.
    We realise that a coin sorting machine is a great way to organise your coins at little expense. That's why we designed the CS10; an electronic coin sorter that is compact, counts quickly and is low cost. Unlike other electronic coin sorters it has markings on each of its tubes to indicate the quantity so you don't need to manually count. Why not check out the CS10 coin sorting machine?
  • Coin counting machine:
    CC10 Coin CounterA coin counting machine counts pre-sorted coins and can only count a single denomination at any one time. For example a batch of 20p coins. You can select the denomination you want to count using the dials on the machine. A coin counting machine generally counts at a very high speed since it does not need to sort the coins. They are great for businesses that already have their coins sorted i.e. amusement arcades.
    ZZap has developed a heavy-duty coin counting machine called the CC10, which counts a staggering 2,300 coins per minute and count any currency! To find out more why not check out the CC10 coin counting machine video?
  • Coin sorting and counting machines:
    CS60 Coin Sorter and CounterAn electronic coin sorter and counter counts and sorts your coins at the same time. This makes it a great time and cost saving machine.
    We offer various coin counter and sorter models that not only count the total value/quantity but also report the total value/quantity per denomination. Why not check out our coin sorter & counter overview page for more information.

How a coin sorter and counter works? (coin sorter and counter)

A coin sorter and counter automatically feeds coins in through the hopper or the user has to manually feed in the coins. An example of an automatic coin sorter and counter is the CS20. An example of a manual feed coin sorter is the CS10.

Once the coins are in the coin sorter and counter, a sorting disc or rail transports the coins through a series of different sized holes. Each hole is the dimension of a coin denomination i.e. 1p, 2p, 5p etc. The holes are in size order, small to large. Each coin drops into the hole with its coin dimension. As each coin drops, a sensor in the coin channel senses the coin has gone through, sends a signal to the internal computer, which then adds the relevant quantity/value to the counting result. The coin then lands into the relevant tray or tube.

The difference between a high and low cost money sorter(money sorter & coin sorter & mix)

The main difference between a cheap coin sorter and a professional coin sorter is the speed, functionality and the volume of coins it can handle.

heavy-duty coin counter or industrial coin sorter such as the CS60 or CS70 uses a rail system to transport the coins at high speed while smaller, lighter duty models use a sorting disc to transports the coins at a slower speed. A high-speed money sorter is perfect for businesses that count high volumes of coins while money sorters that count at lower speeds are great for businesses that count low volumes of coins.

Due to the process by which the coins are sorted, a coin sorting machine undergoes a lot of friction between the coins and its components. The more coinage the machine has to count the more robust the coin sorter machine has to be. A money sorter such as the CS60 has steel components e.g. a steel sorting disc so it can endure heavy use. A money sorter such as the CS20 uses hardened PVC that is more suitable for lower coinage volumes.

Different users require different functionality. A cheap coin sorter machine such as the CS10 does not report the counting result. The CS10 is great for users who require a cash counting machine that sorts coins but reporting the value counted is not a requirement. Acommercial coin sorter or professional coin sorter has more advanced functionality that fulfils more requirements such as reporting the total values/quantities, batch counting, foreign coin rejection etc.

Coin counter and sorter currencies (coin counter & sorter, money sorting machine)

Unlike our banknote counter product range, a coin counter and sorter is only configured to count one currency. That's why ZZap offers a range of coin counters & sorters for different currencies. If we don't stock a coin counter and sorter machine in the currency you require,get in touch with us and we may be able to configure a money sorting machine specifically for you!