Why buy a Counterfeit Money detector?

Fake note detector overview

Did you know the government discovered £13,120,000 worth of counterfeit banknotes in 2012. A 119% increase from 2010 to 2012. Ever since banknotes were invented they have been forged.

Infographic: £13,120,000 Counterfeits discovered in 2012

Counterfeit banknotes are worthless. When a business or individual banks a counterfeit, the banknote(s) is seized and destroyed and the victim is offered no compensation. This has ruined businesses since the forged money is deducted from their net profit.

Counterfeit note detectors, often called fake note detectors have become paramount for businesses that take in cash. A fake note detector detects whether a banknote is counterfeit or genuine with up to 100% accuracy. To see an overview of our ZZap fake note detectors,check out our fake note detector range. Click on the green bar at the top of the overview page to view the specifications for each fake note detector.

Counterfeit detection

A counterfeit note detector uses one or a number of counterfeit detections to verify if a banknote is genuine or not. The more counterfeit detections a counterfeit note detector has, the higher accuracy it has for detecting a counterfeit banknote. As a rule of thumb, a more expensive counterfeit note detector will use more counterfeit detections and therefore have higher detection accuracy than a less expensive counterfeit note detector. A counterfeit detection simply detects if the banknote has or has not got a security feature (found in genuine banknotes). An info-graphic of the security features on a banknote can be seen below.

Security features: Metal Thread, Thickness, Length, Width, IR, UV, MG

A UV bank note checker also called a uv counterfeit money detector verifies whether a banknote has UV marks (a security feature on most banknotes). Why not check out a UV bank note checker such as the D20 for more information. A UV banknote checker is a popular fake note detector among small businesses since it is accurate and low cost.

D20 UV bank note checker

A higher priced counterfeit detector such as the D40 or D50 uses a number of counterfeit detections to ensure 100% accuracy. Why not check out our counterfeit detector range for more information? A counterfeit detector such as the D50 is great way to ensure complete piece of mind and can also count the total value of your banknotes at the same time. The D50 is known to be one of, if not the best counterfeit money detector on the market!

D50 bank note checker

Fast & efficient

A counterfeit money checker verifies your banknotes quickly and efficiently. A counterfeit money checker generally takes 1 – 3 seconds to check whether a banknote is counterfeit or genuine.

A counterfeit money checker can detect counterfeit banknotes either automatically or manually. An example of a manual counterfeit money checker is a UV bank note checkersuch as the D30. Manual counterfeit money checkers require the user to determine if the banknote is fake or genuine using the devices features i.e. if the user can see the UV marks under the UV light, the banknote is genuine.

An example of an automatic counterfeit money checker is a D40 counterfeit detector. Anautomatic counterfeit money checker alerts you with a visual and audio warning when a counterfeit banknote is detected. An automatic counterfeit money checker can check banknotes in less than half a second with 100% accuracy.

D40: Checks banknotes in less than half a second


D30 counterfeit detector

Some manual counterfeit detectors such as a uv bank note checker can also verify non-currency items such as credit/debit/bank cards, passports, driving licences, ID cards, cheques, permits, stamps, certificates of authenticity on software packaging, smartwater, selectaDNA and other official items with UV markings.

A multifunctional counterfeit detector is great for businesses that need to verify IDs, official documents and banknotes, such as nightclubs. The D10D20 andD30 can all verify non-currency items.

Checks multiple currencies

A ZZap fake note detector can detect multiple currencies. Manual fake note detectors such as the D1, D5, D10, D20 and D30 can verify all world currencies, so no matter what currency you deal with, you can always have piece of mind.

Automatic fake note detectors such as the D40 and D50 can verify a selection of currencies. They have ‘default currencies’ already programmed to the fake note detector however if you want to verify other currencies you can download other currencies to the fake note detector. Automatic fake note detectors not only have 100% accurate detection but also have the ability to total the value of your banknotes and give a report of the break down of your counting result. Why not check out the D40 fake note detector or the D50 fake note detector for more information.

Battery powered

A ZZap fake money detector is smaller than the size of your hand and is extremely portable. To advance portability further some fake money detectors are battery powered. The D40 fake money detector range and the D50 fake money detector range have optional rechargeable batteries so you can take them practically anywhere.

D50 Battery powered counterfeit detector