How does a Counterfeit Money Detector work?

Counterfeit money detector overview

counterfeit money detector is a device that detects whether a banknote (or an official item) is genuine or counterfeit. Banknotes have security features that are designed to make counterfeiting more difficult. Examples of some security features on a £20 banknote can be seen below.

Security Features: UV marks, Metal thread, Watermark

A counterfeit money detector uses one or many counterfeit detections to verify a banknotes security features. A counterfeit detection is a feature that verifies whether a banknote has or has not got a specific security feature. For example UV marks are printed on banknotes. UV counterfeit detection is the feature that verifies whether or not the UV marks are present on the banknote. If they are not present, the banknote is counterfeit. An example of a counterfeit money detector that uses UV counterfeit detection is a UV bank note checkersuch as the D5, D10, D20 or D30.

The more counterfeit detections a counterfeit money detector has the more accurate it will be (because it is verifying more security features). As a rule of thumb, the more expensive a counterfeit money detector is, the more counterfeit detections it will have and therefore the more accurate it will be.

Some security features on banknotes are harder to counterfeit than others. For example Infrared and metal thread are advanced security features that are very hard to counterfeit. An advanced counterfeit money detector such as the as the D40 or D50 can verify these security features. Why not check out our counterfeit money detector range?

Note checker pen

note checker pen uses iodine solution that reacts with the starch in wood-based paper to create a dark stain. When the iodine solution from the note checker pen is applied to fibre based paper in genuine banknotes there is little or no discolouration. The note checker pen therefore detects banknotes that are printed on normal copy paper instead of the genuine fibre-based paper. Any discolouration on genuine banknotes disappears within a few hours so it does not deface the banknote.

Note checker pens are a cheap and quick way to verify your banknotes. However a note checker pen does have its limitations. If a counterfeiter prints counterfeit banknotes on fibre-based paper the note checker pen is no longer able to detect a counterfeit banknote from a genuine banknote.

Note checker pen: Couterfeit/Authentic discolouration

UV bank note checker

A UV bank note checker verifies UV marks on banknotes by shining ultraviolet light (UV) onto the banknote. UV marks are images printed on the banknote using non-visible dyes, which become visible under UV light. The user can tell if the banknote is genuine by seeing whether the UV marks glow when subject to UV light.

A UV bank note checker can also verify non-currency items such as driving licenses, passports etc. Official items such as driving licenses have UV marks printed on them like banknotes so a UV bank note checker can detect them in the same way.

D20 UV bank note checker

Advanced UV counterfeit money detectors such as the D30 incorporate other counterfeit detections for extra security. For example a UV counterfeit money detector may also have a white light which makes it easy to distinguish the watermark (a security feature). A UV counterfeit money detector may also have a magnetic sensor which detects the metal thread on authentic banknotes.

Advanced UV counterfeit money detector D30

A UV counterfeit money detector is a popular choice among small businesses due to its low cost and effectiveness. UV counterfeit money detectors are often located under countertops so the banknotes can be checked at the point of sale. Why not check out our UV counterfeit money detectors?

Automatic counterfeit note detector

An automatic counterfeit note detector such as the D40 or D50 is the best way to detect a counterfeit banknote. An automatic counterfeit note detector is configured to count and detect a select few currencies. The advanced imaging software incorporated in the counterfeit note detector is tailored for each currency so it knows the exact features and dimensions of each banknote therefore it can detect a counterfeit banknote with up to 100% accuracy. In fact, ZZap automatic counterfeit note detectors have been certified by the Bank of England (GBP) and European Central Bank (EURO) for having 100% accurate detection.

Since an automatic counterfeit note detector knows the exact features and dimensions of the currency, it is able to perform various other functions. For example the D50 can total up the value of your banknotes and report the break down of your counting result. Why not check out the D50 automatic counterfeit note detector for more information.

Automatic counterfeit note detector D50