Heavy Duty Electronic Coin Counter

Heavy Duty Electronic Coin Counter / Sorter Count and sort your coins with this automatic coin sorter and counter. It can sort all GBP sterling coins including 1p 2p 5p 10p 20p 50p2. Simply drop your coins into the hopper and watch it dispense and separate coins into their own individual containers. The coin sorter counts and sums the total value of all denominations displaying it on the LED screen for clear view. It can even count and sum the total quantity of all and each denominations. At a speedy 270 coins per minute it makes sorting coins quick & easy. Batch counting also makes life that bit easier when bagging money to take to the bank. Automatic sorter operates on AC power with adapter included. You';ll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to use and be mesmerized by its clever sorting mechanism. The Automatic GBP Sterling Coin Sorter & Counter is easy to use and great for banks shops pubs clubs charities post offices vending operators amusement operators casinos fund raising events retail stores restaurants and most other business who regularly deals in coins. Fitted with a UK British Standard BS Approved 240V Mains 3 Pin Plug. Features: Automatic GBP Sterling Coin Sorter & Counter Sorts All GBP Sterling Coins AC Powered Counts And Sorts Mixed Coins Into Separate Containers Counts and Sums Total Value Counts and Sums Total Quantity Equipped With Coin Tube Simple and Easy To Use Sorting Mechanism Specification: Sorts 1p 2p 5p 10p 20p 50p ï¿¡1 ï¿¡2 Hopper Capacity 500 units Receiving Slot Capacity 50~300 units Counting Maximum Speed 270 units/min Batch Preset Number Display 3 Digits LED Counting Number Display 4 Digits LED Power Source AC220V/50HZ Power Consumption 45W Coins Drawer 8 Product Dimensions 34.5cm x 30.6cm x 25.8cm

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