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Portable bill counter automatic counting machine design of bank counter

  • Weight   
  • Display   
  • Warranty:   
  • Model Number:   ZY804
  • Place of Origin:   China
  • Certification:   CE FCC ROHS
  • Color:   ZY804
  • Counting Speed:   
  • Power supply    110V/60Hz - 220V/50Hz; 400 W
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◆Automatic detecting with UV(ultraviolet) and MG1, MG2 (magnetic) while counting 
◆With front full button LCD screen display
◆Automatic starting, stopping and clearing 
◆With batching, adding and self-examination functions 
◆Adjustable hopper for extra long&short banknotes
◆With “AUTO”&”MANUAL” function
◆With dust absorption function
◆Full button control from 1-9 for batching
◆Automatic half-note detections
◆Automatic chain note detections
◆Software development.
◆Special function: Double-notes detecting
◆External display 

◆Counting Speed: ≥1,000 pcs/min
◆Size of Countable Note: 50mm×100mm/80mm×185 mm 
◆Dimensions: 310mm×280mm×200mm
◆Net Weight: 7kg
◆Size of carton: 690mm×335mm×275mm(2pcs)
◆Gross Weight: 15kg(2 pcs)
◆Power Supply: AC 230V±10% 50Hz±5%