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Model Number: ZY-1601A Value Money Counter

  • Weight   5.9-6.2KG
  • Display   LCD Display
  • Warranty:   1 year
  • Model Number:   ZY-1601A
  • Place of Origin:    Shenzhen, China
  • Certification:    CE FCC ROHS ISO
  • Color:   
  • Counting Speed:   1)800pcs/min(in mode SDC and MDC) 2)1000pcs/min(in mode SDC and MDC) 3)1200pcs/min(in mode CNT)
  • Power supply   wide voltage 90-240V
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Function keys on the front panel


1:mode  to choose 3 working modes as below:


1)MDC to mix counter all bills total amount and total pieces .and also check the fake bills at the same time.


2)SDC to sort out different denomination bill,when the counted bill is difference fromthe fist counted bill ,and also check the fake bills at the same time.


3)CNT to count the bills freely without checking the fake bills.


2:OK to confirm and enter the selected mode


     to exit from the correspoinding interface


     to print the counting resuld while in MDC mode


3:START to start working or back to normal counting mode,


4 CFD to scan serial No or not(only scan USD and EURO serial No)


5:S/P TO choose 3 count speed


  1)800pcs/min(in mode SDC and MDC)


  2)1000pcs/min(in mode SDC and MDC)


  3)1200pcs/min(in mode CNT)


6:M/A to  to choose manal counting or Auto Counting


7:ADD: to turn on/off add counting


8:C to be clear zero


9:Batch  to count in batch,press the key and the display will show as below


press the 10 numeric batch keys from 0 to 9 to set the batch number,And the batch function will be On.press the M/A key to clear the batch number and the batch area will show 0,and the batch function will be off.


10:Report :to show the counting details


11:CUR to choose difference currencies ,the currencies (difference software for difference currencies


12:SET: to enter into the seting menu of the machines.




A:the machines should be operated in the room,avoiding strong light and the interference of the strong electromagnetic interference .


B:Make Sure that all the rollers in the machines away from any oily stuff ,or the friction of the rollers will be affected ,which directly leads to inaccurate counting,


C:when conducting the maintenance and cleaning to the transmission paths,please shlowly chose the upper mechanism or the back transmission fender,and make sure everything is in position,then press down the twist lock in position with force.


D:A thorough cleaning of the dust in the feeding paths needs to be conducted every week ,eapecailly the following optical parts


3:how to checking the image data and save the date


choose to save the image data or the MG signal data of the banknotes


4:The upgrade of the machines


Plug THE U disk (with the update software in the root directory )to the machine in the front.and turn on the machines.


then please turn off the machines,upplug the U disk and then turn on the machines again.


power offer :wide voltage 90-240V




Net weight5.9-6.2KG


Groess weight:15kg(2pcs)


Size of machines253mmx286mmx275mm


size of clour box338mmx307mmx270mm


size of master carton635mmx350mmx290mm.