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Model Number: ZY-1688UV/MG currency counting machine

  • Weight   5.5kg
  • Display   LCD Display
  • Warranty:   1 year
  • Model Number:   ZY-1688
  • Place of Origin:    Shenzhen, China
  • Certification:    CE FCC ROHS ISO
  • Color:   
  • Counting Speed:   >1000
  • Power supply   AC 220V(1± 10%), 50Hz(1± 5%) AC110V (1± 10%), 60Hz(1± 5%)
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1) UV/MG currency counting machine
2) to check  fake bills specially by UV&MG
3) to be suitable for any currency

Functions: (to check  fake bill by UV&MG)

1) to count any bills freely.
2) to count in batch
3) to count in adding
4) to check Indian fake bills specially by UV&MG, while countnig
5) to be suitable for both old and new Indian bills
6) to be with perfect accuracy for counting and checking

Technical parameters

Counting speed>1000
Counting size Length110-185mm, wide: 50-85mm
Entrance money capacity 200
Counting range:1-999
Preset range:1-999
Continuous working time:>4 hours
Wearing parts life:>1000 ten thousand sheet
Work temperature rise<20° C
Product size:312× 245× 198mm
Product weight:5.5kg
Power source:AC 220V(1± 10%), 50Hz(1± 5%)
             AC110V (1± 10%), 60Hz(1± 5%)
Power consumption≤ 60Watts
Size of carton (2PCS):610 mm× 385mm× 265mm