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Model Number:ZY-800 Currency Counting Machine

  • Weight   38kg
  • Display   LCD Display
  • Warranty:   1 Years Warranty
  • Model Number:   ZY-800
  • Place of Origin:    Shenzhen, China
  • Certification:    CE FCC ROHS ISO
  • Color:   White
  • Counting Speed:   100pcs/4 seconds
  • Power supply   110V/60Hz - 220V/50Hz; 330W
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Vaccum Currency Counting Machine With Professional Auto-shutter And Cash Shelf


Currency Counting Machine


ZY-800 Vaccum Currency Counting Machine with auto-shutter is one of the best products from our product lines with professional auto-shutter and cash shelf. With three adjustable speed levels, ZY-800 improves its accuracy to count good or poor quality notes. ZY-800 Vaccum Currency Counting Machine  with auto-door is perfect for heavy duty cash handling operation for banks, cash-in-transit companies, money changers and post offices. 




money counterFEATURES:

5 Counting modes

To increase the efficiency in the daily banking operation, ZY-800 offers various counting modes., Add, Check Free Batch, and Manual modes, which provide users with flexibility according to their needs..

Self-check test

User friendly self-test allows users to assure the functioning of major components in the machine. 

Customer LED display

A stand-alone customer LED display allows your customers to double check the counting. 

Optional UV function

Checks UV marks during the counting process. It will stop and sound an alarm when the machine detects no UV marks.

Optional Auto-door and cash shelf

Low noice to create conformatable office atmosphere and make it more convinent as cash shelf

Dedicated reset button

Easy to reset the machine. Optional reset button can be installed next to the cash plywood.



Model: ZY-800
Weight 38 kg
Dimension 350mm×305mm×860mm
Applicable Notes Width x Length:45mmx100mm-130mmx240mm
Counting Speed Adjustable speed: 100pcs/4 seconds, 100pcs/3.5 seconds, 100pcs/3 seconds, 100pcs/2.8 seconds; 100pcs/2.5 seconds
Hopper Capacity Up to 220 Banknotes
Power Supply 110V/60Hz - 220V/50Hz; 330W
Spindle Type Three or five holes
Power Consumption 400w
Feed System Vacuum Suction
Counting Mode Add, Check Free Batch,
Ambient Conditions Temperature: 0-40̊ C, Humidity : ≤ 90%
Optional Devices UV; Dust Cover; Stamp
Noise Intensity About 60db

*Specifications may change without prior notice

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