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Easy maintainable strobe cash counting machine

  • Weight   1.5kg
  • Display   LCD Display
  • Warranty:   1 year
  • Model Number:   MWE940
  • Place of Origin:    Shenzhen, China
  • Certification:    CE FCC ROHS ISO
  • Color:   White+black
  • Counting Speed:   800/1200pcs/min
  • Power supply   
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1.Basic model: Automatic or manual count only with DD (Width); 
2.UV Model: Automatic or manual count with UV(ultraviolet), DD(width), IR(double or half note) detection;
3.MG Model: Automatic or manual count with UV (ultraviolet), IR(double or half note), DD(width), MG (magnetic) detection; 
4.Suitable for plastic & old money;

5.High speed low noise;

6.Fault automatic diagnose;

7.With batching,adding and self-examination functions;

8.Double-notes detecting,half notes(IR)detection

9. Automatic start,stop and clearing


Money Counter ST-900 Series Features:

Dimension 248*298*248mm
Size of Carton 615*370*335mm(2pcs)
20 foot container



Net Weight 4.9kgs
Gross Weight 13.5kgs(2pcs)
Power Supply/Frequency Ac90-240v 50Hz/60Hz  
Power consumption ≤60W(max)
Counting Speed 600/1000/1200/1900pcs/min
Size of Countable Note L:50-100nn; W:90-190mm
Countable Note Thick 0.06mm-0.12mm
Working Environment



Storage environment



Noise <60dB
Counting number display 5 Digital LCD


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